Julius Berger never stands still in the effort to drive both the organization and our clients’ developments forward.

We believe that innovation is a catalyst for growth and an opportunity to heighten efficiency, productivity and ultimately, project performance. Furthermore, having the comprehensive knowledge needed to find innovative solutions to the challenges of working in Nigeria’s construction sector is a key measure of our success.

Every project is approached with a solutions-driven mind set. Our teams work closely with clients and their representatives to offer experience-based perspective combined with valuable improvements.



To provide more effective products and services, extensive research and development initiatives are carried out to deliver improvements for our business portfolio, and also, to positively progress the construction sector as a whole.

Moreover, we are committed to the implementation of progressive methods and to the pioneering of advanced technology in Nigeria. Our international subsidiary Julius Berger International GmbH, in Germany, provides access to worldwide construction technologies.

Transfer of such international technical knowledge is monitored by NOTAP and contributes to the further development of the country.