Julius Berger believes that being a responsible corporate citizen is fundamental to sustainable business.

We actively seek out opportunities to support and advance the wellbeing of our staff members, as well as society and the environment in Nigeria.

Our teams operate with a strong sense of responsibility towards colleagues, clients, business partners and communities.

Corporate social responsibility programs are developed and carried out with the notion that, by focusing efforts on areas in need of social improvement, measurable progress can be made.

We invest in the long-term training and education of our employees in order to sharpen their skills, for the benefit of their career, our company and the human capital development of Nigeria. Specialized training and workshops, as well as education opportunities on-the-job, from unskilled to specialist, result in qualified and well-developed professionals.

Responsibility for Health, Safety and Environmental protection is central to our operations, and managing HSE process and performance is a top priority.

These tenets are predicated on a “Responsible Growth” philosophy, which means that we protect the health and safety of our employees and business partners, support communities and minimize our impact on the environment, while maintaining sustained growth and profitability.