Business Principles

Julius Berger continually seeks to improve its business processes and strives to maintain its reputation as an indigenous benchmark for national excellence in Nigeria’s construction industry.

Julius Berger is committed to an organizational culture of compliance, ethics and integrity, and is very conscious that these standards apply not only to the professional services provided to clients, but also to the way business is run. The company holds itself accountable for being honest, fair and respectful in all aspects of its business and operates in a zero tolerance atmosphere for any actions that could be perceived as contrary to these ideals. Julius Berger is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and as such is committed to align business activities and strategies to the ten universal principles of the compact.

The internal policies of the company, particularly The Statement of Business Principles, are intended to serve as an important guideline and assist in adherence to uncompromising standards of business ethics and integrity. The business principles, built on the company’s vision and core values, form the codes of conduct for pursuing business activities on a day-to-day basis. Such core values are: ethical and lawful conduct, trust, mutual respect and integrity.

Julius Berger’s Business Principles apply to all the company’s activities. The principles promote and instill an ethical foundation to enhance lawful conduct in business performance and honor social an environmental responsibilities that best serve employees, clients and stakeholders.