Corporate Governance

Julius Berger is committed to exemplary corporate governance. The company’s comprehensive compliance system follows the principles contained in the Code of Best Practices as issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Whereas oversight was traditionally allocated solely to the Management of the company, over the past decade there has been a structured shift to emphasize the role of the Board’s Audit Committees as independent units of supervision and control.

In addition to the Audit Committees, the company maintains comprehensive monitoring mechanisms via internal risk identification exercises, controls and communication, as well as external controls through the Securities and Exchange Commission and other governing bodies.

Julius Berger recognizes the essential nature of transparent governance of shareholder investment and further realizes that quality corporate governance can be an important driver of shareholder value.

The Board and Executive Management holds a firm belief that consistent positive business performance is a direct reflection of strong governance systems within the organization, and remain confident that the company’s corporate governance meets or exceeds international standards.



Compliance Policies