July 06, 2011

JB Cultural Education Event

As part of Julius Berger Nigeria PLC’s continued corporate social responsibility efforts, children from several schools and orphanages in Abuja were invited to participate in a day of arts and culture. JBN held the event at the Nike center for arts and culture, where over 100 children came together to participate.

  • Julius Berger Nigeria PLC
  • Culture and Arts Education Event 
  • Piwoyi Village, Abuja F.C.T.
  • July 2011
  • CSR Initiative

Focusing specifically on the platform of arts and culture, children participated in a series of interactive learning activities lead by local artists and craftspeople. The activities included information on Nigerian language, dance, arts and a traditional ‘batik’ workshop. 

T-shirts and backpacks were donated to the children as materials that they could utilize in their hands-on learning of how to “tie-dye”. Teachers guided the children on the step by step process, helping them understand the use of color and the techniques best used. 

All the students were encouraged to work together to cultivate a team spirit and maximize their creativity.

Additional Information
Julius Berger Nigeria PLC is committed to supporting education for the less privileged, and also the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The company has deployed substantial resources in its efforts to support these initiatives. As a dedicated corporate citizen, Julius Berger Nigeria will continue to support the needy.

The Nike research center for arts and culture is a place of learning and craftsmanship. The center has provided training for hundreds of aspiring young performance artists and craftspeople.

JBN Synopsis
Julius Berger Nigeria PLC, JBN, is a Nigerian construction company headquartered in Abuja, F.T.C.     An employer of over 18,000 people of close to 40 nationalities, this multi service, solutions driven company is unique in its long standing delivery of quality, capacity, reliability and performance, all at internationally recognized standards.  

Since its 46 years of operation in Nigeria, integrity, transparency, safety and sustainability continue to be the pillars of JBN’s structures and behaviors, both internally and externally. Julius Berger is the leader in its field, a pioneer in technology, and furthermore, a committed partner in the development and progress of Nigeria.

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