Design and Construction of a world-class multifunctional stadium

Akwa Ibom Stadium, Uyo

The Akwa Ibom Stadium Complex is a world-class multifunctional stadium serving as a one-stop center for sporting events, entertainment and general recreation. It meets the requirements of the World Football Association for World Cup qualifying matches and the World Athletics Association for national competitions. The stadium represents the first part of the Uyo Sports Park project development.

Utilizing in depth Nigeria knowhow, technical expertise and a global network of specialists, Julius Berger designed and built an internationally recognized stadium complex. The project was planned utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM) - with deadlines, costs and finished parts logistics linked in a model-oriented way.

Among the special features of the Akwa Ibom Stadium are the sickle-shaped steel trusses, the impressive approximately 14,000 m² façade of prefabricated, triangular eco-friendly acrylic glass elements with differently arranged "eye-shaped" openings and the large quantity of precast concrete elements. Over the lifetime of the project more than 5,000 precast components are produced and embedded with Radio Frequency Identification chips to optimize logistics management. Handling of precast elements includes use of custom-built vacuum lifters, which obviates the use of anchorage points, resulting in improved durability, cleaner design and efficiencies in the construction process, to support the delivery of a turnkey sports complex for up to 30,000 spectators.

45,000 m²

Gross floor area


Spectator seats

14,000 m²

Acrylic glass facade

30,000 m³


3,400 t


125,000 m²



Precast reinforced concrete elements

Akwa Ibom Stadium