Civil and infrastructure works for a gas liquefaction plant

Bonny Island Projects, Trains 1-6

Since the mid-1990’s Julius Berger has continuously been working on Bonny Island to support its development as a key contributor to Nigeria’s economy and pivotal participant the country’s oil and gas industry. Most notably, over this period the company has carried out works for Nigeria LNG Limited on the development of expansion of its Liquefied Natural Gas plant.

Starting from trains 1 and 2, Julius Berger has constructed an efficient infrastructure for the highly complex technology of the plant, including the site preparation and the infrastructure works for the plant, the civil works and the construction of two jetties. The site preparation and infrastructure works extended over 140 hectares and included grading and levelling of the site area, the construction of 23.9 km of asphaltic roads, and the associated installation of ditches, trenches and concrete piping.  The civil works comprised the concrete works for the foundations of the process trains, the compressor tables and for the paving.  The contract also comprised the turnkey construction of several buildings. In addition to an off-loading jetty for the delivery of the plant materials and equipment, Julius Berger designed and built the 700 m long jetty for the loading of 140,000 tons liquefied gas tankers.

Further to the successful completion of its scope, Julius Berger was awarded contracts for the further expansion of the plant, comprising additional civil and earth works, construction of jetties, residential and administrative buildings as well turnkey construction of an airfield.