Unmatched manpower and machine power

Our resources provide an unparalleled foundation to ensure project objectives are achieved to the highest performance standards. Diverse and highly experienced staff form the foundation of Julius Berger’s strength, reinforced by a robust equipment fleet and vertically integrated operational framework including specialist departments, production facilities, yard facilities and subsidiaries – reinforcing our edge in delivering multifaceted projects with excellence.

Our group bolsters our strength

Julius Berger’s subsidiaries and brands offer a range of construction-related products and services.  In addition to delivering top-notch solutions to proprietary clients across Nigeria, subsidiaries support our ability to effectively offer complete construction solutions under one roof, and to effectively and holistically manage and fulfil projects as part of our core business. As we grow our group, we grow our impact and ability to enable progress in construction, and beyond.

Julius Berger Group

Subsidiaries support holistic fulfilment of projects
Production facilities deliver high quality products

A framework for efficiency

Strategically located yards and production facilities provide reliable high-standard solutions towards Julius Berger’s supply chain, maximizing efficiency and guaranteeing quality along the way. Fully equipped yards provide office space, production, testing and storage facilities as well as equipment repair centers. Production facilities include both standard and project specific precast concrete elements, plaster mortar binder, as well as high quality furniture produced under the AFP brand.

Yard facilities provide access and efficiencies

Yard facilities provide access and efficiencies

Julius Berger maintains yard facilities across its operational regions, to maximize projects efficiencies and support in achieving set time schedules. To this end, our yards are equipped with offices as well as production, testing and storage facilities for the fabrication of project-related materials. Equipment repair centers ensure the reliable availability of needed equipment and machineries. 

Logistics network offers flexible transport and delivery

Flexible and reliable logistics

Julius Berger owns and operates a well-maintained fleet of land vehicles and marine vessels providing flexible and dependable logistics solutions for the movement of personnel, materials and equipment, on land and over water. Our subsidiary Julius Berger Services Nigeria operates out of Warri Port Terminal C offering round-the-clock port logistics and marine services for the reliable import and export of goods to and from Nigeria for Julius Berger and for third party clients. 

Robust equipment fleet ensures availability of required machineries

Robust equipment fleet ensures availability of required machineries

Julius Berger owns and operates a well-maintained fleet, ensuring the sufficient type and volume of machinery and equipment are reliably available to meet performance targets for projects of all scopes.

Used equipment is offered for sale via Julius Berger’s equipment sales website.

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