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Sustainable business practices are not merely commendable; they are intrinsic to our corporate ethos. Julius Berger pursue opportunities to foster shared value, aligning the interest of our company with those of our nation, communities and dedicated staff. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is rooted in the understanding that by directing our efforts towards areas that promote economic viability, environmental responsibility, and social inclusion, tangible progress can be achieved. In alignment with these principles, Julius Berger has made a steadfast pledge to adhere to the ten universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact, further reinforcing our dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices.




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Health, Safety & Environment

Julius Berger is dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of our staff, the broader society, and the environment in Nigeria. We actively implement health, safety, and environmental measures to foster responsible growth that meets current operational demands while ensuring the preservation of resources for the future. Our teams operate with a resolute sense of responsibility towards colleagues, clients, business partners and communities. This commitment reflects not only our dedication to the immediate well-being of those involved in our projects but also our overarching responsibility to contribute positively to the long-term sustainability and resilience of the areas in which we operate.


Human capital development

Julius Berger invests in the long-term training and education of our employees in order to sharpen their skills, for the benefit of their career, our company and the human capital development of Nigeria. Specialized training and workshops, as well as education opportunities on-the-job, from unskilled to specialist, contribute to capacity building and professional development resulting in qualified and well-developed professionals with the needed knowhow to sustain higher employability rates for Nigeria’s workforce.With a deliberate approach of enabling progress, Julius Berger, invests in the long-term training and education of our employees, aimed at sharpening their skills for the mutual benefit of their careers, our company and the overall human capital development of Nigeria. Through specialized training programs, workshops and on-the-job educational opportunities spanning from entry-level to specialist positions, we actively contribute to capacity building and professional development. This concerted effort results in a cadre of qualified and well-developed professionals equipped with essential knowhow, ultimately enhancing employability rates and fostering a skilled workforce for Nigeria.

Philanthropy and social welfare

Julius Berger is dedicated to the development and sponsorship of programs in critical areas such as health, education and youth sports. Our aim is to cultivate healthy environments, enhance accessibility and positively influence human development and social well-being. Through strategic partnerships with external organizations, we contribute to the broader development of Nigeria through donations and collaborative efforts. In times of emergency, we assist state services to protect the public and minimize negative impacts on communities.

Community development

Community development  and cultural preservation is an integral component of Julius Berger’s sustainability focus. Emphasizing local empowerment and participation we engage with communities in our sphere of operations promoting social equity, economic inclusivity and an overall well-being. We support local businesses, create employment opportunities and foster environmental stewardship - fostering a sense of partnership and creating positive and lasting positive impacts on the social, economic, and environmental aspects of a community at the local level.

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Research and innovation

Julius Berger actively initiates and supports research and development programs, driving innovation and enabling our businesses to develop new products, services, or processes that improve our ability to effectively and efficiently solve challenges across all areas of our business - aligning with both current and future requirements and providing tangible value. With a focus on the progressive construction technologies and methodologies, we actively participate in knowledge-sharing for the progress of best practice standards in the Nigerian building and construction sector as a whole.

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