Our aim is to leave a lasting positive impact on all in our sphere of activity.

Julius Berger believes that sustainable business is good business. We continuously assess the impact of our business activities and proactively seek opportunities to create shared value for both the company and the country, including our communities and staff. As such, excellence in health, safety and environmental protection and investments into the professional development of staff are fundamental components of Julius Berger’s corporate culture and business practices.  Corporate social responsibility programs are developed and carried out with the notion that by focusing efforts on areas that support economic viability, environmental responsibility and social inclusion, measurable progress can be made. In support of our commitments, Julius Berger has pledged alignment with the ten universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact.




Our corporate social responsibility programs

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Health, Safety & Environment

Julius Berger actively works to protect the wellbeing of our staff members, as well as society and the environment in Nigeria by implementing health, safety and environmental measures for responsible growth that meets current operational requirements, while sustaining resources for future needs. Accountability for Health, Safety and Environmental protection is central to our operations, and managing HSE process and performance is a top priority. Our teams operate with a strong sense of responsibility towards colleagues, clients, business partners and communities.


Human Capital Development

Julius Berger invests in the long-term training and education of our employees in order to sharpen their skills, for the benefit of their career, our company and the human capital development of Nigeria. Specialized training and workshops, as well as education opportunities on-the-job, from unskilled to specialist, contribute to capacity building and professional development resulting in qualified and well-developed professionals with the needed knowhow to sustain higher employability rates for Nigeria’s workforce.

Philanthropy and Social Welfare

Julius Berger develops and sponsors programs in the areas of health, education and youth sports in order to foster healthy environments, improving accessibility and positively influencing human development and social wellbeing. We support external organizations aiding in the development of Nigeria through donations and assist state services in response to emergency situations to protect the public and minimize negative impacts on communities.

Community Development

Julius Berger invests in community development activities and local employment to forge and foster good relations with host communities and to promote social and economic inclusivity. We support community-based initiatives, local business through services and supply contracts and the local workforce, to the extent possible, thereby ensuring that the immediate environment in which we operate is positively impacted and elevated by our business activities.

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Research and Innovation

Julius Berger commissions research and development programs aimed at improving our ability to effectively and efficiently solve construction challenges that meet current and future needs. We engage in opportunities to share knowhow on technical innovations in the field of engineering and construction for implementation of advanced construction-related methodologies, procedures and solutions for the progress of best practice standards in the Nigerian building and construction sector as a whole.

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