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Investor Relations

Commitment to integrity, fairness, and respect

As a benchmark for excellence, we hold ourselves accountable for being honest, fair and respectful across all aspects of our business. To reinforce this commitment, Julius Berger have established internal policies and procedures that serve as critical guidelines, ensuring unwavering adherence to high standards of business ethics and integrity. A cornerstone of our governance framework is the Statement of Business Principles, which defines the codes of conduct that govern our day-to-day business activities, fostering a culture of ethical behavior and serving as a compass for maintaining the highest standards of conduct.

Statement of Business Principles

Exemplary corporate governance

Julius Berger recognizes that sustained positive business performance directly correlates with the strength of governance systems, which form a crucial framework that ensures responsible management, ethical behavior, and accountability at all levels of an organization, bringing significant value to our group, its stakeholders and the broader business environment. We are committed to continually enhancing our governance frameworks, ensuring robust alignment with the prevailing Codes of Corporate Governance, Nigerian laws, and regulations set forth by overseeing authorities.


NCCG report

Julius Berger's Board of Directors works to ensure the Group's long-term sustainable value towards all stakeholders.


Board of Directors


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