Vision & Values

Our vision is bold and unbound


Brave and ambitious, we believe in the vast potential around us and our ability to deliver tangible positive outcomes, uplifting communities and the nation along the way. Our vision brings about limitless prosperity for company, community and country underscores our role as enablers of progress, and with our core values ​​of excellence, responsibility, courage and collaboration serve as a solid foundation for achievements.

Superior quality sets Julius Berger apart.

We believe that quality work reduces costs, improves schedules, and in doing so, provides tangible benefits that satisfy our clients and distinguish our brand. Accordingly, we are committed to maintaining a strong quality culture throughout our organization. Our comprehensive Quality Management System fulfills requirements set by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) as well as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and serves as a structural underpinning for our operational excellence.

Continual enhancement of our quality culture is achieved by means of rigorous control and assessment. Production facilities and laboratories guarantee consistency in manufacturing through strict adherence to process and quality assurance measures. Furthermore, continual investments in the professional development of our staff across all functions reinforces the delivery of a superior level of work.

Excellence sets Julius Berger apart

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and act with distinction in all that we do. Across our group, today and in future, we are determined to maintain our position as industry leaders through innovation and high standards - setting benchmarks that bring meaningful benefits. Underpinned by a comprehensive Quality Management System that fulfils the requirements of regulatory bodies in Nigeria, as well as the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), our policies and procedures support the consistent delivery of unmatched quality and reliability.

Responsibility informs our sense of duty

Determined and self-improving in our intention to increase value creation for all in our sphere of influence - employees, customers, partners, shareholders, communities and the environment, Julius Berger continuously strive to enhance our environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance credentials. As active participants in the United Nations Global Compact we are accountable to principles such as equity, fairness, diversity and inclusion. This commitment is not only a reflection of our dedication to ethical business practices but also a testament to our ongoing efforts to elevate our overall performance standards.

Courage drives Julius Berger forward

We are confident in our abilities and have the readiness to succeed while lifting others. With the strength to embrace challenge and a pioneering spirit, we continue to stride forward with resolve, resilience and purpose, expanding our potential, extending our impact, and meeting every challenge head-on with innovative thinking. Whether the application of new technologies or the foray into new areas of business we remain committed to enabling progress by supporting, guiding and trusting from the front, while lifting others.

Collaboration is the bedrock of our success

Our commitment to cooperation, teamwork and relationship building remains core to our continued success. Julius Berger’s dedicated approach of respecting, listening and thriving together are ethos that form the foundation of our collaborative approach -  fundamental to the teamwork and trust that informs our long-term relationships, with clients, partners and staff. As ambitious and spirited problem solvers, resilient and committed to achieving goals collaboratively, we have proven that no challenge is insurmountable when goals are shared, and a thoughtful approach is adopted.

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