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Bodo Bonny Road Project Brings Progress to Bodo Communities

Bodo Bonny Road

Milestone completions in the Bodo-Bonny Road Project being constructed by industry giant Julius Berger Nigeria Plc are now delivering results for communities in the Niger-Delta.


Still under construction, the 35.7km Bodo-Bonny Road Project will be the first road to connect oil-rich Bonny Island to mainland Rivers State, a major landmark in the region’s history.


The construction of this road, which runs through most difficult of terrains and other challenging environmental factors like a 7km low-lying marshy land with tidal movements, brings to bear Julius Berger’s technical capability, unmatched intellectual capacities and longtime experience in roads and bridge construction.


Notwithstanding these challenges, Julius Berger has successfully completed, and to standard, two major scope components of the project on schedule, namely, the 4.9km Bodo Road and the Afa Creek Bridge which it connects. These completions now offer neighboring communities reliable access to Bodo Town, improving socio-economic connectivity and commerce in the area - a major achievement that highlights Julius Berger’s commitment towards a successful and timely delivery of the entire project.


As scheduled, the company has commenced works on nine mini bridges which are part of the ongoing construction while the construction of two major bridges in Okpobo and Nanabie respectively are in view. 


Talking about Julius Berger’s achievement and outstanding works on the project,Mr. Thomas Haug who is the company Berger’s Project Manager  for the Bodo-Bonny Road Project said, “We understand the huge importance… and the significance this will have on the people of the Niger Delta and the entire Nation. The challenging environment and soil condition in Bodo-Bonny, requires tremendous technical expertise, logistics and planning. We are working hard to deliver this road; we have the capacity, and we have the commitment. 


“The Bodo-Bonny Road Project will open up the tremendous opportunities on Bonny Island, enabling progress and enhancing socio-economic development in the region and beyond.  Bonny Island has a rich history and is also very important to the Nation’s economy as it plays host to the country’s largest oil and gas industries. We are excited about the impact of the project and the overall socio-economic development it will provide when completed. As a company that is invested in Nigeria and in Nigerian communities, we are proud to be enabling progress for communities in Bonny Island, the Niger Delta, and the entire country”, said Engr. Dr. Lars Richter, the Managing Director of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc. 


The Bodo-Bonny Road cuts across four local Governments in Rivers State and the project further reinforces the value that can be created through public-private partnership.  The project is a tripartite agreement between the Federal Government, Nigeria LNG (NLNG), and Julius Berger Nigeria Plc.



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