Construction of an oil & gas industrial plant in remote location

Escravos Gas-to-Liquids Plant

The Escravos Gas-to-Liquids project (EGTL) is worldwide one of two facilities that convert natural gas feed into high quality, environmentally superior liquid GTL fuel, naphtha, and products. The site contract was awarded to Julius Berger in 2006.

The project is built on the western bank of Escravos River at the tidal outlet of the Niger Delta with the Atlantic Ocean. During construction, the remote location posed numerous challenges, first and foremost being logistics, especially considering all materials and equipment had to be moved to site via water transport, which was supported by Julius Berger’s marine services.

The project scope comprised five separate multidiscipline parts including onshore piling for foundational structures and general civil works, covering the formation and grading operations including drainage and service installations, underground pipe fabrication, welding, the manufacture and installation of security installations and perimeter roads, as well as construction of concrete reinforced foundations, PCC and steel superstructures, tank foundations, roads and bridge construction. An EPC wharf, a number of ECP buildings and workshops and concrete batch plan were also constructed.

The EGTL project is a leading example of Julius Berger’s high commitment to Health, Safety and Environment. The site achieved 5 million man hours without Lost Time Injury from the project start until March 2010. The whole project was executed to meet international standards in accordance with all oil and gas industry specifications.

43,100 m

Onshore piling DN 610-760mm

18,400 m

Offshore piling DN 610-760mm

23,800 m

Precast concrete piles

6,500 m²

EPC heavy load wharf

380,000 m³

Earth works

130,000 m³

Concrete works

13,000 t

Reinforcement works

7,000 m²

Ground floor area - EPC Buildings

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