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Global Wellness Day: PrimeTech Sets Industry Benchmark with Workplace Wellness and Mental Health Initiative

Foremost engineering design company, PrimeTech Design and Engineering Nigeria Ltd, has received accolades for its recent commitment to prioritize the health and wellness of its workforce.

Recognizing the pressing need to address mental health, breast and prostate cancer awareness concerns within Nigeria, PrimeTech organized a comprehensive health and wellness outreach programme at its premises. This initiative provided employees with invaluable opportunities to assess their mental wellbeing alongside receiving thorough medical check-ups and tests that covers prostate enlargement screening and clinical breast examination.

Recent reports highlight the concerning prevalence of mental health conditions in Nigeria, affecting an estimated 25-30 percent of the population. Alarmingly, only a mere 10 percent of individuals with such conditions are able to access appropriate care – a statistic that underscores the urgency of addressing mental health as a national health priority to safeguard productivity and wellbeing.

Dr Dan Nnaji, who is the Zonal Manager Northern Operations at Total Health Trust Ltd (THT), delivered an insightful presentation to PrimeTech employees, emphasising the significance of mental healthcare, and offering guidance on conducting self-assessments for mental health and how to cope with mental stressors.

“Because of the stigma associated with mental health in Nigeria, many people don’t like visiting consultant psychiatrists, so they live in denial till matters get out of hand. This has contributed to the prevalence of mental health issues in the country and that is why the presentation today was very important,” said Dr Nnaji. 

Other on-the-spot medical examinations covered during the outreach included eyes and blood pressure examinations. PrimeTech Financial Manager, Mustapha Abubakar, highlighted the company’s commitment to fostering a workplace culture that prioritises employee wellbeing. He emphasised that the initiative not only benefit individual staff members but also contributes to the overall productivity and success of the organisation.

Whitney Anyanwu, a staff member at PrimeTech, expressed her appreciation for the proactive steps taken by the management. She noted the positive impact of last year’s outreach, which led to the early detection and management of her high blood pressure. Anyanwu also highlighted the importance of the expanded services this year, which included clinical breast screenings for women and cervical cancer tests for men.

In Whitney’s words, “This is the first place that I have worked and seen management take proactive steps to safeguard the health and wellness of their staff. For instance, it was when they came last year that I realized I had high blood pressure, and the advice they offered helped me bring down my blood pressure from over 160 to 130. And this keeps getting better. Last year we didn’t have clinical breast screening for women and cervical cancer test for men, but this year we have them. I got the opportunity to have a professional examine my breast for me. This is very important for those of us who are women”.

The theme of this year’s Global Wellness Day, #MagentaNature, resonates with one of the core principles of PrimeTech’s design engineering and architecture, which is to place high emphasis on nature and sustainability. The Global Wellness Day is celebrated across the world every June 8 to raise awareness about healthy living and wellness. This year, the theme highlights the vital connection between humanity and the natural world.

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