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Sustainable Design & Engineering for Nigeria’s Infrastructure Gap

With a current estimated population of over 200 million, rising population growth and increasing urbanization, Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit continues to expand.

This escalating shortfall in required infrastructure remains a critical bottleneck limiting Nigeria’s immense potential, however today’s innovation economy and global financial marketplace offers tremendous possibilities. Never have we had the expanse of advanced tools and access to find synergies and solutions that maximize future potential.

Today we have an opportunity to rewrite the next chapter for Nigeria, through planned efficient infrastructure that fosters industrial development, provides employment opportunities and serves as a catalyst for growth and overall wellbeing.

These opportunities are amplified considering that Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit extends beyond critical physical infrastructure such as rail, roads, bridges, airports and waterways, but rather, cuts across all major sectors of the economy, including:

  • Commercial sector: leisure and hospitality, offices, retail;
  • Industrial sector: manufacturing, production and processing plants, electricity and power generation, oil and gas, telecommunications;
  • Institutional sector: education, healthcare, research facilities; and
  • Residential sector: single and multi-family units.

The Julius Berger Group has delivered design, engineering and construction solutions across all of these sectors over our 57 year history in Nigeria for both the private and public sectors, including collaborative funding models such as public-private partnerships. We have done so with an eye towards the future, employing innovation and advanced engineering and construction standards, to ensure long-lasting sustainable solutions that promote industry, job creation and skill development.

We have continued to develop domestic capacities to deliver on domestic opportunities, expanding our abilities to implement forward-thinking infrastructure solutions, while increasing socio-economic development along the way. Through our group of subsidiaries, we are delivering end-to-end solutions to design, engineer, construct and maintain infrastructure - for the benefit of closing Nigeria’s sprawling gap.

We continue to work on diverse projects, with an ever-present focus on satisfying our clients’ requirements while contributing to powering the growth of the Nigerian economy.

Together with our subsidiary, PrimeTech Design and Engineering Nigeria Ltd. (PrimeTech), we have progressed work in the trending construction sectors over the past 36 months, including:


Clinic at Port Harcourt

In the institutional sector Julius Berger was commissioned to engineer, procure and construct a clinic within the Port Harcourt Government House Area. The project faced many challenges, especially considering that design and engineering commenced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The design phase crucially continued during the pandemic lock-down to ensure the facility could be brought to use on schedule, even in consideration of procurement and construction difficulties brought on by lockdowns and logistics breakdowns that followed.

The clinic of approximately 1,350m² included provisions for both emergency, inpatient and outpatient care facilities, as well as an operating theatre, radiology section including X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, Mammography; a laboratory and pharmacy.

PrimeTech delivered standout design and engineering in line with the client’s brief. The multi-disciplinary design team worked with the client’s team of hospital consultants, medical equipment planners, specialist equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as fire engineering consultants. Given the realities of COVID-19 at the time and its effect on a whole range of design and supply chain issues the solutions-oriented approach and coordinated expertise of PrimeTech’s team provided the foundations for ensuring delivery of a highly functional and fully fit for purpose facility fully in line with Julius Berger’s EPC contract.

Port Harcourt Government House Clinic

CT Scan within Port Harcourt Government House Clinic

The experience gained, especially in the early appointment of and coordination between all partners on the project – stakeholders for the project delivery, has informed other healthcare projects the Julius Berger group is involved in. The Dr. Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, commissioned on the 14th of November, 2022, is such an example. There is no doubt that such healthcare solutions will provide benefits many fold, in reducing medical tourism and increasing domestic medical infrastructure and services for the nation at large.


Kaduna Junction Flyover at Port Harcourt

It is clear that infrastructure is important to every other aspect of development and growth and the foundation of such infrastructure development is the required transportation networks that form the arteries for connecting communities, commerce and more. In Rivers State, these foundations are being laid exponentially as catalysts to development. Amongst a number of road and bridge development projects Julius Berger was awarded the EPC contract for six flyovers in Port Harcourt, with PimeTech providing the end-to-end expert design and engineering services.

The design and engineering for structural and infrastructure services included:

  1. Bridge substructure and superstructure - comprising a bored pile layout with formwork and reinforcement drawings for in-situ and precast concrete parts for the flyover;
  2. Retaining walls at both ends of the bridge;
  3. Box culvert extension;
  4. Road (alignment); and
  5. Stormwater drainage.

Coupled with real time site support services, PrimeTech team’s multi-disciplinary nature and ability to work as a coordinated team enhanced collaboration for successful delivery on an especially tight project timeline – 18 months from award of contract to practical completion.


PrimeTech, with its multi-disciplinary approach, offers a one-stop-shop for design and engineering in Nigeria, providing a coordinated and efficient solution to our clients’ needs. PrimeTech lays emphasis on the involvement in the project of all stakeholders and carrying them along during the design process to ensure our clients fully understand the process by which a coordinated and efficient solution fully fit for purpose is arrived at, and to enable our clients also understand the best routes to looking after the project during its life-cycle. Our domestic knowhow and investment in the future of Nigeria coupled with our precision engineering and multi-disciplinary approach provides a complete solution. As part of the Julius Berger group, this solution extends into construction and maintenance, for an unmatched domestic capacity to meet infrastructure development needs.

Design, engineering and construction is fundamental to infrastructure development. Today we cannot speak of infrastructure development without speaking of sustainable development. Contractors are no longer evaluated only on their proficiency to deliver quality infrastructure; they must demonstrate how the delivery process will bolster social progress. In Nigeria, the Julius Berger group continues to invest in expanding its capacities and capabilities to deliver on needs and opportunities sustainably – with an inclusive mindset and actions towards maximizing positive impacts on the economy, society, and the environment along the way.

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