Construction of the first road link to Bonny Island in highly challenging environment and soil conditions

Bodo-Bonny Road, Rivers State

As the first road link between Bonny Island to the rest of Rivers State, the Bodo-Bonny road is a milestone infrastructure development project for the advancement of the Niger Delta and a catalyst for the continued success of Bonny Island - a key industrial area in Nigeria tied to the economic development and general wellbeing of the Nation as a whole.

This pioneer project is also a benchmark regarding financing cooperation between the private and public sectors, in reference to the special contractual conditions of part funding of 50% by Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG).

Technically, the road is a massive undertaking with many construction challenges due to the low lying marshy area, muddy and swampy soil conditions and considerable tidal movements. The scope comprises construction of a 39 km long road, cross culverts and two mini bridges with a span of 23 m each as well as two creek bridges, Afa Creek Bridge of about 530 m length and Nanabie Creek Bridge of about 640 m length, in addition to the construction of a major river bridge of about 750 m length over the Opobo Channel.

Substantial dredging activities and a number of specialized soil stabilization methodologies are being carried out. Incremental launching is utilized for bridge construction. The highly mechanized method consists of manufacturing the superstructure of the bridge by sections in a prefabrication area behind one of the abutments with each new unit concreted directly against the preceding one - after it has hardened the resultant structure is launched forward over temporary sliding bearings.

37.9 km

Road across swamp terrain


Small and large bridges 36 m - 713 m

5,500 m

Concrete road

3,100,000 m³

Sand dredging

11,000,000 m

Vertical drains

1,100,000 m²


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