Rehabilitation and reconstruction of major road connection

Lagos-Shagamu Expressway

Julius Berger is currently undertaking the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the 43.6 km stretch of the Lagos to Shagamu portion of the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway. The project includes expansion of the highway to three lanes in both directions, as well as maintenance and construction of several bridges and flyovers.

As a main artery of Nigeria’s road network, the vital expressway withstands a heavy volume of vehicle traffic, including those with high axle loads. Construction requires a sustainable solution reflective of the general environmental and specific traffic related needs of the dual carriageway. To address this need, Julius Berger carried out a parameter studies to establish baselines for the development of an enhanced asphalt design. As a result, a new and improved asphalt mix-design was formulated to optimise the rutting resistance and durability of the road. To further improve long-term performance, the expressway will feature an extra asphalt base course with a thickness of 15 cm, in addition to the two asphalt layers made of a binder and wearing course, which are standard for road construction in Nigeria.

On-site, the Company has set-up an asphalt production plant and a bitumen mixing plant for self-production of the approximately 16,000 t of customized polymer modified bitumen. Highly detailed planning and traffic management allow works to proceed while minimizing effects on road users and to ensure access to the local business along the highway in order to preserve the livelihood of local commerce and the overall economic activities of the country.

43.6 km

Road length

30 months

Construction time

730,000 m³

Earth works

280,000 m³

Crushed stone base course

720,000 t

Asphalt pavement


Pedestrian bridges



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