Design and construction for a Greenfield Cement Plant

Cement plant, Edo State

In Edo State, Julius Berger carried-out design and construction of civil, building, and infrastructure works for a Greenfield Cement Plant planned to have an output of 6,000 t per day. In addition to massive site clearing, earth and road works, the civil scope covered foundation and building works, including a 97 m pre-heater tower, several cement silos and a 200,000 m² lay-down and pre-assembling area for mechanical equipment.

Construction of this large scale industrial project in a remote location with no existing facilities required enormous resources and logistics management. Furthermore, the re-measurable nature of the project coupled with the accelerated timeline required effective and time sensitive solutions. Julius Berger’s mechanical / technical department and logistics experts planned and coordinated the transport and mobilization of equipment to meet project requirements.

On-site, in the face of a growing scope of work and tight schedule, a project team with manpower of close to one thousand persons employed progressive and time efficient construction techniques to ensure schedules were met. Within an impressive four month timeframe the site’s batching plant was operational, putting into action production of precast concrete elements. Furthermore, the unforeseen need for excavation of massive rock quantities was resolved by swift deployment of specialized equipment – with over 190,000 m3 of rock blasted. 24 hour slip form work supported the construction of the four cement silos and one raw mill silo climb at a height of four meters daily. Additionally, Julius Berger utilized progressive lightweight space frame technology to create the roofs for the massive raw material storage structures, which saved time and had positive HSE implications.

35 ha

Site clearing

450,000 m³

Earth works

50,000 m³

Concrete works

7,000 t

Reinforcement works

6,000 t

Steel works

21,000 m²


62,000 m²


6,000 to

Cement output / day

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