Turnkey construction of a 12-story office and conference building

Petroleum Technology Development Fund, Abuja

As a major oil & gas producing country, key to Nigeria’s development is research and development and the acquisition of relevant technologies as well as building up of the industry’s human and institutional capacities.

To support in the achievement of this mandate, Julius Berger carried out the turnkey construction the Petroleum Technology Development Fund in the central area of Abuja. The 12-story office and conference building is equipped with auditorium, exhibition area, restaurants and parking facilities, covering a gross floor area of 16,000 m².

The backbone of the composition is the core structure connecting all levels of the complex.  Three curved wing levels at the southern side and eight wing levels of the same shape at the northern side are connected to the central backbone and core structure. The tower is located at the south-eastern part of the complex. The base structure consists of two wings with a curved front façade framing the main entrance area at the southern side of the complex. The main foyer and reception area, the auditorium and the restaurant are located on the ground floor level. The mezzanine is directly connected to the foyer and exhibition room via an open gallery. The deviating elliptically shaped structure at the northern part of the complex includes meeting and conference facilities enhanced by a garden and pergola environment.

The 12-storey high circled structure is the main design element of the building and includes executive office zones and special features such as a library and gym. All areas of the building complex are equipped with high standard electrical, mechanical and communication facilities.

50.12 m

Building height

17,700 m²

Gross floor area

80,200 m³

Gross volume

16,600 m³

Concrete works

10,000 m²

Masonry works

3,500 m²

Ceramic façade

1,400 m²

Glass façade

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