Renovation and reconstruction of railway facilities

Railway village, Agbor

This Railway Facilities form part of the Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri Ore Rail Line development, a standard gauge railway line initially meant to serve the steel producing industry and later upgraded to a multipurpose railway line serving also the public transport. The works comprised of the completion of the railway maintenance depot and 20 Bridges over the railway line.

The railway maintenance depot is located close to Agbor and is an essential part of the railway operation. 20 incomplete buildings at various construction stages as well the infrastructure had to be brought in working condition. While some buildings only required roofing, finishing and interior the majority had to be built from the foundations or even entirely. Most of the buildings were workshops and warehouses in different sizes but also the administration building, running control building and various minor structures had to be constructed or completed. In terms of infrastructure works it was required to finish roads and drainages, power generation and distribution, water distribution and sewage collection. The initial design from the client had been adapted and improved to reflect the latest technologies at the time of completion.

The bridges for completion are located between the railway maintenance depot and Warri and were at different phases of completion. All the basic pre-cast concrete structures over the railway line were already erected and required construction of abutments, decking, embankments and roadworks for most of the bridges. One bridge needed to be upgraded by dualization of the initial bridge design. Due to the urbanization surrounding several bridges, the traditional embankment design had to be redesigned and replaced adapting the reinforced earth technology.

575,000 m³

Embankment construction

4,800 m³

Concrete bridges

2,200 m³

Pre-cast bridges

55,700 m²

Asphalt surface bridges

7,500 m³

Concrete buildings

2,150 m³

Pre-cast buildings

15,200 m²

Asphalt surface buildings

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