Development of key infrastructure in Akwa Ibom State

Infrastructure Development, Akwa Ibom State

To support the growth and development of Akwa Ibom State in line with its long-term vision, Julius Berger has designed and constructed numerous infrastructure, including key roads, bridges and drainage systems.

Some examples include the construction of the Abak-Ikot-Ekpene Road, which is being constructed utilizing a 15 cm thick base-course layer placed on the standard binder course layer of 6 cm with an additional second asphaltic binder course layer of 6 cm in order to strengthen the road’s cross section. The improved cross section ensures a high durability of the road under the expected high traffic loads. Additionally Julius Berger has constructed a discharge drain project was carried out utilizing pipe-jacking technology, a trenchless construction methodology pioneered by Julius Berger in Nigeria. This methodology greatly reduced the effects of construction on citizenry and the environment, by avoiding massive earth works and demolition works which would otherwise be required at the surface level.

Julius Berger also constructed the Uyo-Abak bridge, which is situated along the important overland road from Ikot Ekpene to Port Harcourt. The 343 meter wide bridge consist of seven fields with spans up to 53 meters in length. The highest pillars reach approximately 25 meters in length. Due to poor soil conditions, the bridge is founded on 681 reinforced precast concrete piles, each with a length of 15m and 16 reinforced in-situ concrete bore piles, diameter 1,300 mm. For the construction of the bridge substructure, the incremental launching method was applied.

2,300 m

Pipe jacked drain

343 m

Abak river bridge

25 km

Abak-Ikot-Ekpene road

7.2 km

Uyo ring road

21 km

Ekim Itam-Ikot Oku Ikono road

6.9 km

Uyo-Abak road

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